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Here are serveral aviation and Rearwin-related programs that are free to download (more to be added soon). There is no support or warranty for these programs. If you have questions or comments, please email me.

File:  Rearwin Screen Saver
Author:  Eric Rearwin
Description:  A Windows .SCR screen saver. Runs on Windows 9x/ME and Windows NT 4/2000.
Instructions:  After downloading the file, double-click on the EXE file and follow the setup instructions.
Version:  1.27
Price:  FREE
Size:  1.7MB
Download link:  Rearwin_ss.exe 


Upload A File
If you would like to upload a photo of your aircraft, click the Browse button to locate the image on your computer. Then click the Upload button below.
Note: it may take some time to upload the file.

Your Rearwin Airplanes photos are proudly displayed the Rearwin screensaver and the Locator page unless you specify otherwise.

Note: Please send an email so I know who uploaded the file.


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