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1939 Rearwin Sportster
Lee Chamberlin
Great site! I grew up with my Father owning a 1939 Sportster 9000DL, S/N 637D, N20746, I have lots of Great memories flying in it with my Dad. It is now owned by a Gentleman in Washington state and still flying. Great old Airplane!
Rearwin Jr.
Perry Bonner
just a little bit on my flying history, I flew a rearwin jr. for about 400 hours when I was thirteen (in my Dads back yard) and went on to solo a 50h.p. Franklin J-3 in 1944. Your web site brought back the memories. Still building at 80.
Rearwin Skyranger
Melvin "Gene" Salvay
I was one of the 5 engineers that designed the Skyranger in 1940-41. When the war started I went to work for North American Aviation on the B-25 in Kansas City. My brother got his pilots license in 1937 in the Rearwin Sportster
Cloudster - Smilin Jack original strip .
Dave Stevenson
Former owner of Cloudster N26050, now at G.L.Martin Museum.Have original Smilin Jack strip featuring his Cloudster, N26000,Nov,1941. Interested in selling
Recently met a Cloudster owner. I am planning to approach this owner, who has meticulously his aircraft, about writing an article about him and his airplane (he has a wealth of knowledge). I would appreciate info about how many of the different models of the Cloudster were produced and the dates of production. Also, about the Commonwealth buyout and development of the KenRoyce engine? Perhaps a book written on the subject? Best regards and thanks, Les
Speedster built in Sweden
Bjorn Mattsson
My uncle Harry Olsson had a GV-38 that was built in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Gotaverken shipyard and had the designation GV-38 for 1938. He had one plan he flew and one for spare parts. The plan had a hanger on Backamo airfield (that was built by German prisoner of war)and he also had a stip in front of his house on the island of Orust. During winters he also had skis for the plan and landed on a lake on the same island. In my early teens I flew a lot with my uncle and it was a great pleasure as the speed was low and the plane was very easy to control.
Al Rowswell
I am a new Partial owner of a rearwin Skyranger which we are trying to complete restoration
Cloudster 803
NC25403, now G-EVLE has now finished the testing period and is fully signed up and airworthy. She flies really well and is only a little bit of a handful on the ground. The check pilot told me landing a T6 is much easier! The 145 Warner pulls well and gives 115-120 cruise at 1800rpm. I get 1000fpm climb at 90 and the stall is a non-event. What a great airplane!
cloudster #882
My father owned this airplane and I spent my childhood in the cockpit. I have ownership records,photos,logbooks, and many instruments,pitot tubes etc along with early history of the plane. I saw a photo of it in the airplane locator and am glad to see the plane healthy. Great site, and if anyone can find the owner of #882 have him contact me.
Rearwin Cloudster Model
Nearly a year ago I asked for informations on this site to build a scale Cloudster model 1/3 scale and in the last weeks I got them from people looking on the Rearwin homepage.Wonderful! Thank you very much, all helpers!

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