Rearwin Airplanes Merchandise
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The following items are available from the Rearwin Airplanes Foundation. If you would like to see other items available, please let us know on the feedback form.

The Book
The definitive reference by Bill Wright covers early Rearwin history all the way up to the sale of the company to Commonwealth.
Soft cover: $24
Hardback: $29

Quality Enamel Pins
Black and gold enamel pins with the Rearwin Airplanes "eagle" logo. Great for jackets and caps.
Size: 1 inch wide.
Only $5.00 + $0.50 postage.

Rearwin Aiplanes pin

The Cap

The Rearwin Airplanes cap is a durable, high quality hat with the Rearwin Airplanes logo on the front. It is adjustable. If you would like to see other colors, take our poll!
Price: $12.00 + $3.00 for shipping and handling.
Color: Black

Black Rearwin Aiplanes cap

Based on the results of the poll, royal blue hats are here. The hat is the same as the black cap above, except the logo is blue and "KRR" is stitched into the side in memory of Ken Rearwin.

Blue Rearwin Aiplanes cap

The Rearwin Airplanes "eagle" logo graced the tail of many classic tail draggers. Now you can get yours too! This shiny gold decal has black lettering and is approximately 9" x 2.5".
$9.00 + $0.50 postage.
(Decal is slightly different than the image shown below. It is metallic gold rather than yellow)

Bob Riffle is making etched Commonwealth badges for instrument panels or anything you want.

Commonwealth Panel Logo
Commonwealth Panel Logo - actual size
is approximately 2.5" h x 1.5" w.

Unfortunately these badges are no longer available. For more information, visit Bob's web site or email Bob.

Wayne Forshey made some Skyranger stickers which are available for $1.50 each. Contact Wayne directly for more info.

Actual size is about 3" in diameter.

Coming Soon...
Polo-style shirts. Cream/Black. Sizes: M/L/XL

What other colors would you like to see? They will look similar to this -- solid color with sleeves and collar stripe...

Shirts coming soon!

To Order:

Mail money order or personal check to:

Eric Rearwin
PO Box 70044
Point Richmond, CA 94807-0044

Include your name, address, and the number of items that you are ordering. Please allow 7 days for your check to clear.

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