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Rearwin Airplanes was founded by Raymond Andrew ("Rae") Rearwin in 1928.  Following Charles Lindbergh's historic transatlantic flight in 1927, the world's fascination with aviation grew significantly. Moreover, the Air Commerce Act of 1926 established the government certification program of pilots and aircraft that gave the fledgling industry safety and legitimacy. 

Employing his two sons, Royce and Ken, the small company designed and built over 400 airplanes, including instrument trainers and gliders, despite the devastating effects of the Great Depression. 

Rae Rearwin sold the company to the Empire Ordinance Company in 1942. The company built about 275 more Skyrangers under the Commonwealth name before they closed their doors in 1946.

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The Rearwin Speedster is no longer for sale.
A one of a kind Rearwin is for sale. This rebuilt Speedster 6000 (s/n 302) was the second of two Cirrus powered Speedsters. It has received Grand Champion at Blakesburg and Reserve Grand Champion at OSH.
Skyranger pilot Mark Schaden killed in airplane accident. [Posted by David Cohn, Bob Riffle]
The "Great Rearwin Records Project of 2005" is here !! How would you like to get a CD of your aircraft's ownership history? How would you like to send me a copy of the CD to add to the Rearwin Archives?
[More news in the archives]

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Eric Rearwin and Patty Wagstaff at the
EAA Lakeland Flyin

Eric Rearwin and Patty Wagstaff at Lakeland

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Kenneth Rearwin with Dean Kramer's Sportster (6/2001)
Kenneth Rearwin with Dean Kramer's Sportster

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