Rearwin Book by Bill Wright
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Rearwin: A Story of Men, Planes, and Aircraft
Manufacturing During the Great Depression

There was never a better time to design and build a new flying machine than the spring of 1929 -- or so it must have seemed to those who did.  The Air Commerce Act of 1926, through the licensing of pilots and the airworthiness certification of aircraft, had ushered in an era of growing public confidence in aviation.
It was also a time for Rae Rearwin, a successful businessman from Salina, Kansas, to cast about for a fresh source of income -- "diversification."   And so it was that Rearwin decided to build and sell aircraft.
The chronicle of Raymond Andrew Rearwin, the founder of the various firms and aircraft that bear his name, is one typical of the brave businessmen who devoted their energies to, and risked their resources in, aviation enterprise from the historic stock market crash of 1929 through the start of World War II.


James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review
. . . superb biography of a man and an industry . . . Profusely illustrated . . . throughout with vintage photographs, Rearwin is a welcome and valued addition to the aviation history shelf.

Walt Bohl, American Aviation Historical Society
This book is well worth the price in that it will hold your interest for many hours. If you are a Golden Age fan, you will really enjoy the story this book tells.

Oklahoma Aviator, March 1997
. . . Bill Wright's book is detailed, full of pictures that paint a wonderful picture of that era. History buffs will enjoy.

Skyways, April 1997
. . . a well-illustrated and researched book on one of the late '20s and '30s aircraft manufacturers about which little has been published. . . . The book provides a valuable insight into the trials, failures, and successes of the aircraft manufacturing business. . . . Very interesting stuff from the Skyways era.

About the Author:

Bill Wright, a private pilot since 1957, has logged about 2,000 VFR hours in various taildraggers. As a fan of vintage and classic aircraft, he has authored numerous articles for Pacific Flyer and other aviation periodicals.  Wright practiced labor law in Southern California until he passed away several years ago. Rearwin was his first book

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