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Rearwin: A Story of Men, Planes, and Aircraft Manufacturing During the Great Depression
By Bill Wright 

A "must have" reference for both Rearwin owners and antique airplane enthusiasts. 

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Wings of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Private Aircraft
by Geza Szurovy

Interesting book about the "Golden Age". Great photos and some Rearwin info.

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Looping the Loop: Posters of Flight
by Henry S. Villard and Willis M. Allen Jr.

"...the book tells of the passion for flight with an array of rare posters spanning the years of early flight, World War I, The Golden Age, of Aviation, and World War II. Vibrant, colorful, and significant designs including 102 posters each displayed on their own large-sized page, provide an artistic and historical retrospective that encompasses and broadens upon the Smithsonian Institution companion traveling exhibition."

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Wings of History: The Air Museums of Europe
By Louis Divone

"WINGS OF HISTORY: The Air Museums of Europe tells the story of aviation in Europe through the rare aircraft that still exist. It is also a travel guide providing locations of 142 museums in 26 Western and Eastern European countries. Lastly, it is a permanent reference source with data on over 3250 aircraft cross-indexed by aircraft type and location, with translation tables of common aviation terms, manufacturers, and aircraft familiar names, as well as metric conversions, to aid the traveler or the researcher. "

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Great Aircraft Collections of the World
By Bob Ogden

It presents the world's best 700 public aircraft museums and celebrates man's greatest achievement of the 20th century of human flight. Seventy collections have been chosen to be presented for the broad spectrum of aviation history

The 70 magnificent museum collections of this volume have been carefully chosen to feature those which have gathered together a broad spectrum of aviation history under one roof & those which maintain fleets of historic aircraft that can be seen in their natural element-the air.

U.S. Civil Aircraft Series
by Joseph P. Juptner

The definitive series of books covering all US civil aircraft by Aircraft Type Certificate (ATC) number. Each plane has a thorough description of its characteristics and in-depth information about the company that built it.

These essential volumes can be purchased at

Volume 1 (ATCs 1-100)  
Volume 2 (ATCs 101-200) 
Volume 3 (ATCs 201-300)
Volume 4 (ATCs 301-400)
Volume 5 (ATCs 401-500)
Volume 6 (ATCs 501-600)
Volume 7 (ATCs 601-700)
Volume 8 (ATCs 701-800)
Volume 9 (801-817, photo credits, index,updates)

Incidentally, at least one Rearwin is covered in volumes 3-8 due to the fact that Rearwin Airplanes was granted the following ATCs: 232, 314, 434, 469, 481, 574, 591, 624, 637, 653, 661, 711, and 729.

Other References:

"The Rearwin Story"
By William E. Miller
Antique Airplane Association News, Vol. iv Number 11 
June 19, 1961 

The Rearwin Club
Antique Airfield
PO Box 127
Blakesburg, Iowa 52536
(515) 938-2773

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